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Project description

Unveiling a roomtemperature quantum technology platform

ATYPIQUAL’s main objective is to unveil a room temperature quantum technology platform based on a novel generation of Atomically Precise graphene nanoRibbons (APRs) and demonstrate its feasibility through technologically relevant devices.

By definition, quantum technologies exploit the peculiar quantum properties of matter such as superposition, tunneling, and entanglement to develop tools and devices with new, non-classical functionalities. However, derived using conventional top-down techniques, these technologies lack atomic precision and are much more sensitive to environmental disturbances as compared to the electrical current switching in transistors. As such, they often require ultra-low temperature operation and impose important constraints on their general applicability. This makes their manipulation and integration to chip-scale substrates a major challenge.

ATYPIQUAL is a highly interdisciplinary project that proposes a radically different high-risk bottom-up approach that uniquely offers to naturally hard-wire complex quantum states into atomically precise carbon nanostructures: APRs. They exhibit novel physical properties beyond graphene such as topological quantum phases and spin polarization, all tailorable by their topology and edge structure. However, the demonstration of these electronic properties requires atomic precision control that can only be achieved through recent advances in bottom-up synthesis. We shall exploit atomically precise bottom-up on-surface synthesis to develop these novel advanced APRs offering on-demand multi-functionalities while relying on a single graphene nanoribbon backbone.

By developing the required material processing and device fabrication steps and demonstrating the first technologically relevant feasibility examples, ATYPIQUAL will set the stage for a new quantum technology platform for atomically tunable multifunctional devices with applications in next-generation electronics, photonics and spintronics.

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