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Université Paris Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay is a French university created on November 6, 2019 as an experimental public scientific, cultural and professional establishment.

It is the successor to the Université Paris-Sud, and includes the École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupélec, the Institut d'Optique and AgroParisTech as component institutions; and the Institut des hautes études scientifiques (IHES) as a research organization1. The Universities of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Évry-Val-d'Essonne are also associate members of the establishment, and are expected to become "integrated universities" by 2025.

The Orsay Faculty of Science is a university component of Université Paris-Saclay. In the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Shanghai rankings, it has enabled the Université Paris-Saclay to rank 1st worldwide in mathematics and 9th worldwide (1st in Europe) in physics.


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